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Home Gym

SPECIAL NEW YEAR 2021 OFFER on Lifeline Home Gym HG002!
Be Your Own Bollywood Star!! Exercise your way in to the New Year ! 
Best in class and affordable Home Gym Set. Multi station gym equipment with high quality material, compact size and great design! Everything you need to workout from the comfort of your home! Buying for the first time - have Questions, visit Q&A section -> Here


Lifeline Home Gym HG002

Rs. 18,000.00 Rs. 26,000.00
SAVE Rs. 8,000.00

Lifeline Home Gym HG005 - 150 LBS

Rs. 26,000.00 Rs. 38,000.00
SAVE Rs. 12,000.00

Lifeline Home Gym Set 002 Workout At Home

Rs. 18,000.00 Rs. 26,000.00
SAVE Rs. 8,000.00

Working Out at Home Using Gym Equipment

Exercising at home can be as effective as working out at a commercial gym. Your home provides the ideal opportunity to create the perfect fitness training ecosystem. A typical gym, no matter how premium or popular, can be crowded and it might not have the type of exercising gear you prefer. If you can set-up a gym at home, you can create a highly customized work-out zone that motivates you to come back every day to train harder. Home workouts mean exercising without interference or the need to pack a gym bag every day and drive down/up to the neighborhood gym.

People using at-home gyms are more likely to take upon a larger range of exercises and try more exercising schedules as they have instant access to the equipment needed without any waiting.

This is why people have started investing in home gyms. The range of equipment now available for residential gym setups is exhaustive—this makes shopping for home gym equipment equally rewarding and challenging. We help you make a better choice by explaining different types of home gym products. Match these with your fitness goals or lifestyle preferences.

Table Of Contents

1.  Lifeline Home Gym Set HG 002 - the most popular Home Gym

2.  Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym with 3 Weight Lines

3.  VIVA FITNESS KH-316 Deluxe Home Gym

4.  Lifeline Home Gym Set 002 Combo With Chest Expander and Exercise Curve Bench 5501A

5.  Viva Fitness KH-4700 Exercise Equipment

6.   Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym with 2 Weight Lines


Best Home Gym Workout Equipment

Combined with energizing music, posters of motivational quotes, and fitness décor items like yoga mats, the home gym environment can be as good or even better than exercising at a traditional gym. Streaming devices with digital screens in your home’s workout area offer a great way to learn about precise posture, movement, and range of motion for every exercise you want to attempt, improve or step beyond your previous best effort. The more comprehensive in-home gym setups ensure that you don’t need to individually own benches, racks, smith machines, barbells, free weights, and other accessories. Our picks of the best options include: 

Ø  Gym Machine - Lifeline Home Gym Set 002 for Workout at Home

Home workout machines like this have been developed for the usual workout demands. If you want to own one piece of fitness equipment that makes it easy to attempt, execute, and perfect all the standard exercises for the entire body, this Lifeline product is perhaps the best choice. It is common to find Lifeline exercising machines at the most happening commercial gyms—the brand itself provides a sense of assurance. The smart, no-cable-change design makes it the easiest way to perform a wide range of conditioning and endurance exercises. It qualifies as the ‘ideal’ family workout equipment and is suitable for full-body workouts. A clean, space-saving design with the assurance of a design that can easily survive the most strenuous workouts for decades, this multiple exercise gym does not consume a lot of floor space. Its 18 exercise options include:

Peck-deck | Leg & Chest Extension | Low & High Pulls | Rows


Ø  Lifeline Fitness Equipment 6 Station Home Gym with 3 Weight Lines

A 6-way combination workout machine, this 6 station Home Gym from Lifeline Fitness is all that you need in your workout room at home for a full-body circuit without ever having to step away. The 6 workout stations on this home gym can be used to perform several body weight and heavyweight exercises for all focus areas including chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, latissimus dorsi from the group of back muscles, glutes, quadriceps, obliques, and abs.  The functional design of this particular station makes it ideal to train every muscle group separately. There are 3 weight lines which are connected to all the stations so that you can go as heavy as you like for your strength training. From warm-up body weight exercises like push ups to heavy strength training, this home gym has everything that a gym fanatic requires. The workout system is compact, sleek, and made with high-quality durable material for maximum endurance.

Leg & Hamstring Extension | Chest Press | Lat Pull Down | Rows | Squat Station


Ø  Multi Station Gym Machine - VIVA FITNESS KH-316 Deluxe Home Gym Equipment for Workout At Home

This multi-station gym machine is a hybrid with a special inclusion for heavyweight chest press set up. Designed using heavy-duty upholstery, the exercise station from Viva Fitness is catered to train your pecs for maximum muscle gain. The machine enables you to bench press up to 200 lbs eliminating the need for barbell and plates. The sleek compact design of this home gym set allows you to stack it wherever you see fit without having to worry about obstruction of movement. Adjustable handles and seats can be set to your ideal height to maintain the right posture. The single direction design of this workout machine makes it easy to change exercises swiftly after completion of sets making sure that your rhythm is not broken. Constructed with top quality raw material ad carrying the brand assurance of Viva Fitness, this deluxe home gym machine is all you need to train quads, hamstrings, back, chest, and shoulders.

Chest-Deck | Leg Extension & Curl | Bicep Curl


Ø  Full Gym Equipment - Lifeline Home Gym Set 002 Bundles With Chest Expander and Exercise Curve Bench 5501A

A perfect amalgamation of resistance, strength, and bodyweight training, this full gym set with chest expander and curve bench from Lifeline Fitness is the perfect fit for you if your home gym consists of an ideal blend of gym equipment that is required for all three kinds of training. The multifunctional gym set contains settings for chest, shoulder, back (lats), quads, and hamstring training. Exercises like butterfly and chest press can be done on the home gym set while the chest expander can be used as a great substitute for muscle building exercises like cross cable as well as for resistance training of biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders. The curved bench is great for training your core and works as a great step up after the floor training that you do on mats. From crunches to inclined leg raise and Russian twists, the abs circuits that can be performed on the curved are innumerous.

Chest Expander | Cross-Cable | Abs Circuit | Bicep & Tricep Curls


Ø  Multi Station Home Gym - Viva Fitness KH-4700 Exercise Equipment for Workout At Home

With a special inclusion of a preacher bench, this multi-station home gym from Viva Fitness becomes a full-fledged machine to train your biceps along with several other body parts. Made with sturdy raw material, the exercise station has a square tubular steel frame which makes it durable enough to assist you in all your workout sessions. The set is completed with the addition of a curved sit-up bench, a bar for tricep dips, push up handles, and abs training station. A compact but complete workout machine, this multi-station exercise machine can be arranged easily in any corner of your workout room while leaving enough space for other decor and exercise equipment. If you are on a lookout for a workout machine that does not undermine the biceps and offer the same number of functions for them as well as for other body parts then this is the ideal workout partner for you.

Preacher Curl | Bar Dips Station | Peck-Deck | Sit-Ups


Ø  Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym - Lifeline Fitness Equipment 6 Station Home Gym with 2 Weight Lines

The 6-station home gym with 2 weight lines from Lifeline Fitness is the ultimate solution for the less space problem. Offering the same number of platforms and freedom to perform the same number of exercises as the 6-station home gym with 3 weight lines from Lifeline Fitness. The full-body workout station features a high-quality raw material construction along with superior durability and endurance against abrasive factors. With superior grips and fine padded seats, the home gym is made to be completely safe to avoid accidents due to losing grip. The sleek finish of the machine will perfectly align with any kind of decor that you have chosen for your home workout room.

Full Body Workout | Chest Extension | Squat Station | Back Pulley and Rowing



It is not just a temporary lock down that should make you consider the worth of investing in a home gym. Not just to gain muscle, people these days are exercising harder, as they want to be fitter to boost their immunity, flexibility, look younger, neutralize the effects of sedentary lifestyles, and to cut-down the heavy cost of medical treatment bills. With a home gym, even elders in the family have instant access to exercises that helps to sustain their mobility, raising their overall quality of life. At home, you get the assurance of hassle-free access to the workout equipment you choose without waiting or the need to share your spot with someone else. It takes-out possible causes that make you miss a workout session like returning late from an unscheduled meeting or unplanned, spontaneous calorie-burning workouts when you cannot sleep or need to stay-up because of late-night exam preparations.

Owning a home gym equals on-demand exercising without the need to plan. Its upfront cost is easily recovered over a period when compared to paying monthly subscription at a nearby gym.

This comfort factor is a big reason why celebrities spend big on high-street fitness studios and personal trainers.With your personal gym, you have no reason to avoid a workout—even bad mood or a heavy monsoon shower cannot stop you from hitting the cardio circuit or testing yourself on the bench press. Further, most fitness equipment providers understand that people are serious about their health. They are offering easy financing options along with accessories that make a home gym more affordable, personalized, and most likely to put a smile on your face!

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