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Dumbbell Set

Weight plates, Dumbbells fall under the free weight category. Dumbbells can be used for full body, biceps, chest and shoulder exercises. Helps gain lean muscle mass without going to gym! Weight plates are commonly used in weight / strength training. Choose the one that suits you!


Muscle Building with Dumbbells - A low cost investment

Lift those heavy weights today so that you are trained to lift the burden of age with ease. 

Whether you have just set your foot into the fitness journey or you fall into the category of those who are already at par with most, or at least, all of your fitness goals, you must have a pair of Dumbbells in your home, for, it doesn’t put a hole in your pocket and most importantly, they are an excellent option for strength- training and metabolic conditioning.

In addition to this, Dumbbell Set contribute a lot to the exercises pertaining to upper and lower body as well as core exercises, making it a jack of all trade with an investment of one because having an access to Dumbbells means you don’t even have to limit yourself to the sky when it comes to the choices of exercises and workouts. The choices are as enormous as the weight markings on your dumbbells.

Furthermore, you can carry them anywhere. They don’t take up much space; making it easier for you to keep them in a corner of your house, in the back of your car, at gym and anywhere you like. If you have heavy weights at your disposal and can’t carry two of them with you outdoors, you can always drop one at your home because the kind of exercises you can do with Dumbbells are enormous and endless.

Though, the price of Dumbbells vary with their weight and the heavier ones are likely to cost you more than the lighter ones but with the effective exercises and repetition with the lighter ones, it will help you pave a way to your strength training which will be a low cost investment for your fitness journey. Whether you are starting your journey with a 2 kg weighed Dumbbell or a heavier one like 35 kgs or more, Dumbbells will not disappoint you.

And, just like Benjamin Franklin told his son, in a letter we can’t tell you to live temperately or drink no wine but we can definitely assure you to use daily the exercise of the dumbbell just like Franklin did. And guess what even if you choose to drink wine, Dumbbells will cost you less than thy wine.

Rubber CoatedHexagonal Dumbbells Pair With Wrist Band (Set of 2) 

Keeping the limitations of traditional dumbbells in mind, these Rubber Coated Hexagonal Dumbbells are designed and filtered up in such a manner that the user gets utmost comfort whilst holding the grip.  The contoured, knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured whilst durable rubber covered heads offer enhanced safety and comfort to the user and at the same time, protect home and gym floors from impact damage during its usage.  Built to the standards of the quality, with weight marking, these Rubber coated Hexagonal dumbbells feature a solid metal cast iron core for an even weight distribution, durability and longevity. 

These Dumbbells come in various sizes, starting from 1kg to 40kgs. You can choose from them on the basis of your budget, your fitness routine, scale and other parameters and most importantly, factor in whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner and then choose from the varied weights which are available at your disposal. 

Along with this product, you also get a wristband from Grip’s to give you extra support. The Grip’s wristband assists in working on your grip so that you can work on the target muscles of your exercises and keep your wrists from spraying at bay. Furthermore, if you are going to lift heavy weight, Grip’s wristband will help you with the grip and if you aren’t able to lift on heavier side, this wristband will assist you with finding your stride so that you develop a comfort zone around the Dumbbells and the weights and make your exercise and strength training more effective than ever.

Rubber CoatedHexagonal Dumbbell (Set of 2)

Dumbbells being an effective total- body-conditioning tool offers a fast and effective way of targeting each and every single major muscle group in our body and the fact that it is cost-effective also add to the benefits of having Dumbbells with you. Incorporating various exercises with them be it weighted crunch or dumbbell side bend to target the abdominals, dumbbells work as a great tool in targeting your muscles. So, if you are also one of those people who is looking for an effective way to work on your muscles, make an addition of these Rubber Coated Hexagonal Dumbbells in your exercise kit.

 These Rubber Coated Hexagonal Dumbbells are available in multiple weights ranging from 2.5 kgs to 50 kgs. Irrespective of being a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these Rubber Coated Hexagonal Dumbbell is a must have. Whether you are training on biceps or triceps, these dumbbells will help you with a good grip because of it’s rubber coating. In addition to this, one of its properties of being hexagonal, the stability it offers is also at par with the quality, and, the comfort it offers because of the ergonomically design will help your work out on these Rubber Coated Hexagonal Dumbbells quite easier and friendly.

 Viva Fitness PowerRubber Coated Solid Dumbbells (1 pair)

 One of the most comfortable, likeable, budget friendly, tear proof and preferred by majority of masses is Viva Fitness Power Rubber Coated Solid Dumbbells. What makes them one of the most favorite Dumbbells’ choices is it’s soft grip coating which makes it ideal for squats, lunges, step-ups arms while holding these Dumbbells at your side and at the same time, you can strengthen your training exercises like chest presses with this Dumbbell. These will help you strengthen and tone your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals. Overall, it helps in toning your body and with multiple sizes available like- 2.5kgs, 5kgs which goes on to the weight of 35 kgs, you can choose any of these weights on the basis of your fitness goals, for, it increase muscular endurance, boost cardio stamina and promote healthy weight loss.


There is no doubt that Dumbbells serve as a great option for muscle building and if you want to fully maximize your strength and put your muscles into hypertrophy, you should pick up dumbbells at least a few times during your training because Dumbbells can create both inter and intramuscular coordination which leads to greater levels of muscle activation. By incorporating exercises like- Dumbbell Goblet Reverse Crossover Lunge, Dumbbell Rotational Press, alternating bent-over rows with rotation or Pullover to Trunk Curl, you can achieve the desired effects in your fitness goal. In addition to this, Dumbbells are the most cost-effective way to build strong or lean muscles. Whilst other ways of building your physical fitness will cost you a lot, Dumbbells serve as a relief factor, for; it is the most pocket friendly equipment, which you can incorporate in your Home Gym.

Whether you are going with a Power Rubber coated one or a hexagonal rubber coated Dumbbell, the varied exercises you can perform with them makes it a must have in your fitness kit and since it’s a low-cost investment, why not pick one already?!

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