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Bench & Weight System

Fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, with one or more adjustable portions, with two or more adjustable portions, with racks to hold bars,weights etc. Check our wide range of Benches like Weight Training, Fitness Bench, Gym Bench, & more for your Home Gym. Want to know about its benefits, read more!

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Lifeline 311A Adjustable Bench (Flat , Incline , Decline)

Rs. 6,000.00 Rs. 9,800.00
SAVE Rs. 3,800.00

Viva Fitness VX-3400 Adjustable Bench

Rs. 8,999.00 Rs. 9,500.00
SAVE Rs. 501.00

Lifeline 307A Multi Gym Bench Press For Home Gym Exercise

Rs. 8,600.00 Rs. 14,000.00
SAVE Rs. 5,400.00

Lifeline Fitness AB Care Commercial 111D

Rs. 6,800.00 Rs. 8,500.00
SAVE Rs. 1,700.00

Viva Fitness IT7011 Adjustable Gym Bench

Rs. 42,188.00 Rs. 46,875.00
SAVE Rs. 4,687.00

Buy Workout Bench - Viva Fitness VX-3600 Olympic Weight Bench

Rs. 22,050.00 Rs. 24,500.00
SAVE Rs. 2,450.00

Viva Fitness DFT-639 Adjustable Bench

Rs. 35,599.00 Rs. 38,250.00
SAVE Rs. 2,651.00

Viva Fitness DFT-647 Vertical Knees Raise / Dip Stand

Rs. 45,563.00 Rs. 50,625.00
SAVE Rs. 5,062.00

Lifeline Fitness Ab Care 111 Dlx

Rs. 4,700.00 Rs. 6,000.00
SAVE Rs. 1,300.00

Viva Fitness IF-FID Exercise Bench

Rs. 30,375.00 Rs. 33,750.00
SAVE Rs. 3,375.00

Viva Fitness DFT-650 Squat Rack

Rs. 66,375.00 Rs. 73,750.00
SAVE Rs. 7,375.00

Lifeline 308A Multi Bench Press 8 in 1 Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Rs. 7,600.00 Rs. 15,000.00
SAVE Rs. 7,400.00

Lifeline Double Twister For Home/Gym Use

Rs. 8,999.00 Rs. 16,000.00
SAVE Rs. 7,001.00

Lifeline Fitness Abdominal Bench 5501A

Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 6,000.00
SAVE Rs. 1,000.00

How to buy Gym Bench online?

First things first! Congratulations for getting one-step closer to fulfilling your desire for a fit life. It’s the era wherein everybody is aware of the importance of health but the irony of it is that we tend to neglect it. Sometimes because of the lack of time and other times because of laziness but now that you have made up your mind to go one extra mile to keep your body and health in shape, you should also factor in the parameters which would determine which Gym bench should you opt for?

Firstly, since you are opting for a home gym, you need to keep the space under consideration and if you don’t have a large space to incorporate more than one gym bench, you should opt for the exercise bench on which you can perform multitude of exercises for various body parts or in other terms, you must consider adjustable bench.

There are benches, which are highly adjustable like Flat, Incline, Decline bench, so you can out and out go with that.

Secondly, you must keep into account that while trying to save space; you shouldn’t compromise on the size, for; heavy-duty benches will last longer and provide stability.  And, in future, supposedly, you would want to sale it; the re-sale value will be better compared to the light-duty benches. 

Thirdly, the price. Though, you must have already ascribed a certain value or budget to your Gym bench but if it is on the grounds that you are complacent with compromising on quality then dispel that thought. Think that it is going to be a one-time investment for you and you wouldn’t want to risk yourself to injuries and spoil your workout. Remember, you are going to put your whole weight on the bench and at the same time, hold additional weights in your hands so compromising on the quality is likely to hurt you.

Remember, you are getting a gym bench in your home to build your health and not spoil it.

VivaFitness JF 1244 High Quality Adjustable Bench (Flat, Incline, Decline Bench)

Ask any fitness freak if he is given a chance to just incorporate one strength training equipment in their home, what will that be? You will, without fail, get an answer with- Viva Fitness JF 1244 High Quality Adjustable Bench. What makes it a great choice amongst the trainers and fitness freak is it’s mobility that allows adjustment to people of all sizes. You can do bent-knee sit ups and abs crunches and target other muscle groups pertaining to arms, legs, chests and core with this bench.

You can further adjust the bench according to your convenience as it offers Flat, Incline and Decline bench position.

VivaFitness IF-FID Exercise Bench

Apart from the various exercises that you can do on an FID bench, what makes the Viva Fitness IF- Flat, Incline and Decline Exercise Bench are its various added features like- the dual rear transport wheels which makes it easy for movement. The PVC leather with 1.2 mm thickness provides comfort, making it easier for a wide array of strength training exercises, which focuses on the arms, legs, chest and core.  Along with this, the ergonomic design is shaped in a way that provides mobility whilst performing various kinds of exercises.

VivaFitness Beast-31 Multi Adjustable Bench

The Viva Fitness Beast-31 Multi Adjustable Bench is considered to be a Beast Model for its weight, which amounts to 125kgs, which provides a great stability and steadiness to your exercise routine.  With the comfortable roller pads, which are offered by the Viva Fitness Beast- 31 Multi Adjustable Bench, you can tap on your beast mode and exercise harder whilst keeping fatigue and exertion away.

VivaFitness DFT-639 Adjustable Bench

This adjustable bench offers a full body exercise at home wherein you can target your arms, legs, chest and center body. The comfortable Roller pads provide a boost to your workout exercises. In addition to this, you can opt for your favourite cushion colour for this bench. The colours available are- Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow.

Lifeline307 Gym Bench

One of the most cost-effective gym benches, this multi-weight bench offers the functions of Incline, Decline and Flat. You can cater to your needs of working on chest exercises by changing the angle to form an incline or decline or flat. The heavy-duty pipes further add to the support.  If you are looking for burning those extra calories in a cost-effective way, do not give a second thought and go ahead with this Lifeline 307 Gym Bench.

Lifeline311A Adjustable Bench

While exercising, it is imperative that you do it with the right posture and angel otherwise the chances of getting yourself hurt are extremely high.  In the lieu of the same, the gym equipment you use also plays an important role.  Lifeline 311A Adjustable Bench is one such equipment, which makes it easier for the user to exercise multiple muscle groups in a safe manner with its scientific design to provide the right posture.  In addition to this, the thick seat padding provides utmost comfort whilst exercising.


Now that you have chosen which exercise bench you would like to bring to your house, remember that with time, consistency and practice; you will be able to make the most out of these Fitness benches. If you are already someone who is well versed with a great deal of exercises and their execution, you must factor in the cost and space you are delving into the bench. As and when required, you can further upgrade your home gym with your necessities and consistency but the first step is to start; start somewhere and adding a gym bench to your home is already a step number one accomplished in that direction. The second is not to ignore it and make the utmost use of it by regularly doing exercise and make it your routine to tap into your fitness goals every day.

Get the bench that helps you do a wide range of workout combination that is not possible in standing position! Now achieve your fitness goals using the multi exercise gym bench or simply use it to strengthen back muscles and improve flexibility today!

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