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Best Elliptical Cross Trainer India - Viva Fitness KH-580 Light Commercial Strider

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A cross trainer is a great choice for any person who wants to live a healthy and active life. Trainers are the best way to maintain your fitness and stay fit!


Viva Fitness KH-580 Commercial Strider is the perfect combination of cardio and resistance training for both your upper and lower body.
With a simple turning motion, you can get a natural, easy to use exercise routine that will help you burn calories, burn fat, increase your cardiovascular fitness and stamina as well as improve your muscle tone.
This unique cardio workout machine allows you to exercise all the major muscles in your body with just one piece of equipment.

Features And Benefits : 

1. Effective For Weight Loss : The Viva Fitness KH-580 Commercial Strider is an elliptical bike that provides the perfect training to lose weight because it is very effective for burning calories and fat! You burn a lot of calories in a very short time. When you exercise at medium intensity, in the aerobic area, that is less than 80% of your maximum heart rate, your body burns fat stores as a source of energy. A medium intensity cardio workout is therefore effective in burning fat!

2. Tone The Muscles Of Legs, Thighs and Arms : The elliptical trainer is very easy to use. It has a comfortable handlebar which you can hold on to while using the machine and by moving your leg on the pedals, you will be able to move forward or backward and exercise your legs as well as arms at the same time. You can enjoy a great workout in no time with this machine.

3. Great Heart Benefits : You will be able to burn calories, improve your overall fitness and strengthen your heart. The elliptical bike also works the most important of all muscles: the heart! And like all muscles, you need to exercise it regularly to make it stronger. A muscular and well-trained heart can pump a larger amount of blood into the body with each stroke and provide more oxygen to the muscles and organs, lowering blood pressure. Regular training of heart helps us to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

4.Good For Joints Pain : The elliptical cross trainer has a longer stride length which gives you an easier movement. The elliptical trainers have a very low impact on knees and joints in general, as the joints move in a natural range of motion. This is why the elliptical trainer is one of the best workouts for people who suffer from knee pain or other joint problems. When exercising on this machine, your body will use more energy than when at rest. This means that you can burn fat and calories even while sitting down!

5. Reduce Bad Cholesterol : Life is too short not to give it all you've got! So, if you want to live healthier and happier - get an elliptical trainer. It's scientifically proven that this machine helps lower cholesterol levels and burn fat in a natural way. Moreover, the elliptical trainer strengthens your heart muscle, improves your bone density, increases your metabolism for great weight loss results.


✔ Stride Length : 18”
✔ Adjustable Swing Bar
✔ LCD Display Readouts : Time, Distance, RPM, Speed, Calories and Pulse.
✔ Handheld Pulse Sensor.
✔ Fly Wheel Size : 30cm
✔ With Adapter Power System.
✔ Motor Magnetic 24 Level Resistance.
✔ Transport wheels. Adjustable Floor Levelers.
✔ Maximum User Weight : 130 Kgs
Box Contents : 1 Viva Fitness KH-580 Commercial Strider.
All India Delivery.
For More Details : WhatsApp us on 9872648433 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.
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Best Elliptical Cross Trainer India - Viva Fitness KH-580 Light Commercial Strider

Rs. 115,875.00 Rs. 128,750.00

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